Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 26, 2015

Aray gidday!

This week we had a whole bunch of new Elders and Sisters join our zone. Among them was Elder Somephikhay from Argentina. He bore his testimony for us! He doesn't speak any English, only Spanish, but did his best anyway. In his broken English he said how that day was a very difficult first day of the MTC for him because he didn't know any English. At that point he started sobbing. My companion Elder Powers is a super tough guy, he was a football player and has a scholarship to play football at the University of Maine when he returns. But he just broke down and started crying at this story. Elder Somephikhay is 19 and was baptized 2 years ago. When he was going to be baptized his mom told him he had to choose between the church or her. He chose to be baptized and she kicked him out of the house. On the airplane ride up to Utah he lost his wallet with his passport and was very miserable, but he said he's going to be okay. The councilor from our Branch Presidency, President Callister, told us Elder Somephikhay has a lot of faith and courage to be able to say all that in English and come to America and serve a mission. He's one of the nicest little missionaries I know!

Also my dear friend Elder Triasakorn left for Thailand. Even though he is only 19 he is one of the wisest young men I know. He's going to be such a blessing for those in Thailand.

Tuesday night M. Russell Ballard from the Quorum of the 12 apostles came to speak to us! He told us how he has borne his testimony of Christ and the restored gospel before Kings and rulers of many countries, and that we are not that different from the Quorum of the 12. He said we will break down the strong things of the world, that we are called to testify and teach of Christ.

Sunday night Brother Stephen B. Allen, Director of the Church Missionary Department and a member of the Quorum of the 70 came to speak to us. He spoke a lot of how Satan knows how to push our buttons. He says we need to let go of our past transgressions. He taught us if we are depressed here in the MTC, it is a good thing because it means we are Missionaries. We must choose to be men and women of God.

This week we began learning how to write in Thai script! There are many confusing characters in the language and it seems impossible to learn them all. After praying about it I decided to start reading script before memorizing how to write it all. As Iron Man says, sometimes you need to run before you can walk. So far, it is working out okay! I am learning the characters better and in reviewing how to write them they seem to be sticking in memory a lot better!

Let the Holy Ghost be your Senior Companion in all your doings!

Elder Wager

Goodbye Elder Triasakorn!

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